"Dazzle foes and strike decisively."

Shine when used in battle

Mars djinn Shine is a Mars Djinni found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, and is numerically the sixteenth Mars Djinni in the games' official Djinni ordering and thus the ninth numbered Mars Djinni of The Lost Age.



Using the Force Psynergy that can only be acquired in a password-enhanced game of The Lost Age, Shine will pop out of this tree stump.

Shine is hiding in the upper left hollow tree stump in Contigo, and is brought out into the open via the Force Psynergy. The big potential snag to getting this Djinni is that the Orb of Force that provides the Force Psynergy in the first place is only acquirable as an item in the inventory of Isaac's party when they join Felix's party late in The Lost Age... provided any form of Password data transfer is in effect so as to register that the Orb of Force has been collected from the previous game's Fuchin Falls Cave to begin with. The Orb of Force can otherwise be missed, or not present in Isaac's party at all as a result of The Lost Age being played through without password data transfer at all; if the game file is saved after Isaac's party joins but the Orb of Force is not present, it will be impossible to acquire Shine without a hacking device.


When Set, it increases base HP by 9, base Attack by 3, base Defense by 3, and base Agility by 2.

When Shine's battle effect is used, a holographic image of a Mars Djinni briefly backs up while emitting several beams of light at various angles, and then charges through the target. The target is hit by a Mars-based attack equal in power to the user's normal physical attack with an additional 60 damage points added to the result, and then for each enemy on the enemy side (not just the target) there is a chance it will be afflicted with Delusion.

Ability analysisEdit

Shine is certainly unique among Djinn for having the chance to apply its secondary effect to all enemies and not just the target of the physical assault, and it is very obviously a direct upgrade to the Mars Djinni Fever and the Mercury Djinni Fog, both of which add 30 bonus damage but only have a chance to apply the Delusion effect to the target itself. It may also be considered an upgrade to Smog that only adds the chance of afflicting multiple enemies even if it is from a different element. Even so, Delusion remains not a great secondary effect because it does not decrease the accuracy of any ability of the enemy that is not its normal physical attack. The Djinn Scorch and Char are equally useful because of their chance to inflict the far better Stun effect, and even though Shine adds 10 more bonus damage in comparison, perhaps to make up for the fact that its effect is not as powerful as Scorch's or Char's, it falls out to the Mars Djinni Fury, which adds 10 bonus damage beyond that and is the Mars Djinni with the highest added damage rating. However, Fury's added points are arguably to make up even more for its practically useless effect.

In Dark Dawn, Shine is one of the Mars Djinn loaned to Matthew and Karis at the beginning of the game. Its secondary effect is useful because most enemies early on only use physical attacks, but Garet takes it back after Tyrell is rescued. The Jupiter Djinni Sirocco has the same effect as Shine.

Name OriginEdit

A shining object is one that emits light (such as a fire) or reflects it.

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