Shuriken Shuriken is a stand-alone Psynergy aligned with the Jupiter element. It is one of two stand-alone abilities available to the Ninja Class series, the other being Annihilation. Any character, excluding Mia and Piers, has access to this Psynergy.

Shuriken is learned at Level 21 by all the classes in the series. It costs 8 PP to perform, and has a base power equal to 80% of the caster's Attack stat. Shuriken hits up to three targets, and apparently each of the three targets are hit with equal force, unlike many Psynergy spells where the damage decreases proportional to distance from the central target. Its in-game description is "Attack with a huge throwing knife" and it appears as a series of throwing stars being fired into each of the targeted opponents.

Phys. Attack
CycloneGaleHaltHoverLashMind ReadRevealTeleportWhirlwind

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