Silver Blade (シルバーブレード, Shirubā burēdo?) is a Long Sword-class Artifact weapon available throughout the Golden Sun series.

Basic Description by Game Edit

In all its appearances, the Silver Blade increases the wielder's base Attack rating by 108 points. It can be bought for 12000 coinsand sold for 9000 coins.

In Golden Sun, it is sold as an artifact at the weapon vendor in Lalivero, and can be equipped by Isaac and Garet. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, it is sold as an artifact in the general vendor in Shaman Village after completing the Trial Road event and Moapa boss battle and can be equipped by Felix and Piers. Its Unleash effect is Aqua Sock (アクアストライク, Akua sutoraiku?, lit. Aqua Strike), with the standard base activation rate of 35%, which is a physical attack with an additional 42 points of damage added, and then the resulting damage is either increased or decreased based on how the user's Mercury power measures against the target's Mercury resistance. Visually, Aqua Sock resembles a pillar of water shooting up from the ground at the target's feet as the user performs a physical target.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the Silver Blade is sold as an Artifact in Champa Camp and can be equipped by Matthew and Tyrell. It retains Aqua Sock as its main Unleash, but also gains two secondary Unleashes: Critical Strike and Spin Strike. Critical Strike is a non-elemental physical attack with a damage multiplier of 1.5. Spin Strike is a Jupiter-based Unleash that adds no additional damage but can affect up to three adjacent targets.

Analysis Edit

In Golden Sun, the Silver Blade is physically the strongest Artifact sold in the last town of Lalivero, but it is not necessarily a great weapon because of it, especially considering its Mercury-based Unleash will not get an easy boost from the elemental affinities of your warrior Adepts unless you arrange Mercury Djinn so either Isaac is in the Guardian class or Garet is in the Luminier Class, and it does not have any extra side effect. Most players buy it anyway, but mainly as a placeholder for the Gaia Blade that can be found later in Venus Lighthouse, as well as perhaps the Muramasa near the end of the optional Crossbone Isle.

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the Silver Blade is available as an Artifact quite late, at a point where the party can have weapons equipped that are almost literally one-and-a-half-times as strong as a Silver Blade (Hestia Blades at Lemuria's Lucky Medal Spring, for example). It will be inevitably outclassed in every regard at this point in time.

As in The Lost Age, the Silver Blade is available rather late in Dark Dawn. By this point, the player will have access to stronger forgeable and Artifact weapons for Matthew and Tyrell; thus, it will be completely outclassed in every regard.

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