A Silver Circlet is a Circlet-class headwear available in both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is sold in armor vendors at Xian, Altin, and Kalay in Golden Sun and at Naribwe and Kibombo in The Lost Age. This circlet can be equipped on all mage-style Adepts in both games, namely Ivan and Mia in the first game, together with Jenna and Sheba in the second. It increases the equipped Adept's base Defense rating by 16 points. Its buy value is 1300 coins and its sell value is 975 coins.

In Golden Sun when it can first be bought in Xian, it is a very strong and worthy upgrade to what Ivan might likely be wearing since the game's start, his normal Circlet. Afterwards, if you have the surplus money after having shopped around with the other equipment at vendors, you may buy a second Silver Circlet to replace Mia's Wooden Cap. It will last until your journey reaches Kalay, where you can buy Mail Caps.

In The Lost Age, the Silver Circlet might never be bought because Jenna and Sheba will most likely already be equipped with stronger headwear: the Nurse's Cap and the Clarity Circlet. So, it is safe to say that the Silver Circlet is useless, unless you missed one of the above two items.

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