A Silver Greave is a Boot-class armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Despite being fully coded into the game cart, this item is impossible to acquire in-game without utilizing some form of hacking. As a Boot, it can be equipped by all Adepts. Its buy value is 3800 coins and its sell value is 2850.

The Silver Greave increases the wearer's base defense by 11, and it increases base Luck by 4.

Compared to the Knight's Greave, this defensively-oriented Boot-class item seems a little more equal to the Dragon Boots that one can get multiples of in The Lost Age, because the Luck rating would give a somewhat good reduction to the chance the equipped Adept will be affected by a status condition. The Dragon Boots feature two more Defense points and 10 each to three separate resistances as its main feature, which is strong enough to make up for the Silver Greave's inability to be acquired in the main game itself.

In Dark Dawn, the Silver Greave has become much better with double it's Defense compared to TLA. It also can be obtained legitimately via Artifact stores in the game. A drawback is that there is only one pair of these boots, and only three people in the party can equip them, namely Matthew, Tyrell and Eoleo. These boots will still find use in an end-game perspective being the highest defense boots in the game, just besting the Hover Boots by 2 points.

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