A Spiked Armor is an Armor-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun. It is acquired as a rare drop from Chimera Mage enemies fightable in Venus Lighthouse. As an Armor-class item, it is equippable by the warrior-style Adepts Isaac, Garet, Felix, and Piers. Its buy value is 14000 coins and its sell value is 10500.

The Spiked Armor increases base Defense by 34. In addition, it increases base Attack by 10, and it adds 6% to the Unleash rate of weapons for the Adept it is equipped on.

While its Defense rating is low in comparison to the endgame pieces of body armor for Golden Sun, which ultimately make it not the best armor to wear for the final boss, its separate enhancements to the equipped Adept's ability to physically attack are noteworthy. It is the only body armor in the first game to have a modifier for Unleash rate, and thus when the equipped Adept is also equipped with the Warrior's Helm and Hyper Boots, his Unleash chance becomes its highest possible value of 63%, which is 6% more than what it usually can be.

Of course, what the Spiked Armor tries to do in Golden Sun, other armors in The Lost Age do far better, like the Valkyrie Mail in having a much higher Unleash rate bonus and the Xylion Armor in having a slightly higher Attack rating bonus, and both of these aforementioned armors having much higher Defense ratings. The latter proves offensively inferior to the Spiked Armor though, with 12 attack rating falling somewhat short of 10 attack rating + 6% Unleash rate, particularly in The Lost Age where higher Unleash rates can be attained.

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