A Spirit Ring is a Ring-class item found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is acquired by giving a Tear Stone to Sunshine the Blacksmith in Yallam, where he will randomly forge it into either that or three other items. Visually, the Spirit Ring resembles a white ring with a large, light-blue, tear-shaped stone set on top, with two blue sparkles on either side of the icon.

The Spirit Ring, as with most other rings, is used for its effect strictly. It has the effect of restoring 160 HP (variably) to all four current allies. It is bought for 3600 coins while its resale value is 2700 coins. Its repair cost is 900 coins.

The Spirit Ring, wearable by all Adepts, is arguably the best ring to use; it duplicates the effect of Wish Well, but as a ring it can be used by any Adept without a Psynergy Point requirement. This far outclasses the Healing Ring, whose effect is to restore 70 HP to one single ally in comparison, and even an unavailable ring called the Aroma Ring findable only through a hacking device, which restores 100 HP to all allies. However, it usually does not restore as much as a true Wish Well does, because Wish Well is also affected by the user's water power (which is most likely well over 100, resulting in more than 160 HP healed), while the Spirit Ring is not. Still, a free group healing for no PP cost makes it very valuable regardless.

The Spirit Ring is also quite overpowered as this ring (unlike others) would never break when used outside of battle. This means that the player can wait until a fight is over and then use the ring infinitely to bring the entire party back to full health, making random battles much easier. When used in such a situation, the Spirit Ring heals all 8 party members. 

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