A Stealth Armor is an Armor-class piece of armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is obtained by bringing a Dark Matter forgeable item to Sunshine the blacksmith in Yallam, where he will randomly forge it into that or several other items, and then buying it from him. As an Armor-class item, it is equippable by the warrior-style Adepts Felix, Piers, Isaac, and Garet. Its buy value is 14000 coins and its sell value is 10500.

The Stealth Armor increases base Defense by 48. However, it is both an item under the influence of an equipment curse and lowers Venus resistance by 10. It is similar to the Demon Mail in both of these regards, but is different in that the Demon Mail lowers Jupiter resistance by 10.

The Stealth Armor should be considered substandard among endgame equipment because the appeal of most other endgame gear is in the additional bonuses they provide, which is something this piece does the exact opposite of. Any chest-armor for warrior-style Adepts that has a Defense rating close to this should be worn instead of this, and of course, there are various pieces that offer higher defense in addition to bonuses.

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