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Susa (スサ Susa) is an NPC central to a subplot that takes place in Izumo and Gaia Rock in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. He is also confirmed to be an Adept; while his element is never explicitly stated in-game, most evidence suggests that Susa is a Venus Adept.


A resident of the town Izumo, Susa is the younger brother of the town's mayor figure Lady Uzume and is to be wed to the maiden Kushinada. However, the dragon-like Serpent within Gaia Rock awakens and begins to terrorize the town, leading to the selection by lottery of Kushinada to be the one sacrificed to the Serpent in order to appease it. Susa obviously disagrees with this decision and goes into Gaia Rock to battle the Serpent himself. He brings in barrels of sake (Dragonsbane in the English version) and feeds them to the dragon in order to weaken it by putting it into a drunken stupor. After a while Susa attempts to slay it with the Cloud Brand, but the Serpent is still too strong. It is up to Felix's party to battle and defeat the monster for Susa.


In the last room of the "endless maze" in Gaia Rock, Felix watches Susa challenge the Serpent but fall in battle, and Felix battles the beast himself.

Following the battle, Izumo celebrates both the defeat of the Serpent and the survival of Susa and Kushinada. After the cutscene in which the two and Uzume thank Felix's party, Kushinada reveals that they plan on having a son together named Takeru, and promises to tell him about "your [Felix's] great deeds", vowing to herself that if Felix's descendants are ever in trouble, Takeru will come to their aid.


Susa and Kushinada, as they appear in a Japanese magazine scan confirming their presence in Dark Dawn.

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Edit

A magazine preview has mentioned Susa and Kushinada will return in Dark Dawn.

Susa and Kushinada will be seen once again when the player travels to Yamata city. They become King and Queen of Yamata. Their daughter, Himi, is ill and they both worry about her. Their son,Takeru, sails off to save the world.

When Himi is reawakened by the Third Eye, Susa and (especially) Kushinada are very reluctant for her to join Matthew's party. Kushinada can be seen in bed upset that her children have left her to save the world.


  • In Izumo:
woman: (thinking) What if losing Kushinada makes Susa return to his wild ways? I hope he fights the serpent... If he loses, at least he won't have to bear living without Kushinada.
  • In Gaia Rock:
Susa: (thinking) Who do they think they are? I'm the only one who can save Kushinada.
  • Outside Gaia Rock:
Susa: "You're going to tell Kushinada that you defeated the serpent, aren't you?" (If Felix says no) "Please, you were the ones to defeat it, so you should be honest and accept credit."
Susa: (thinking) Kushinada is safe... that's all that matters!

Cultural referenceEdit

Susa's name is a shortening of "Susano" from the Japanese Kushinada legend. This diminution is likely intended to reflect the fact that Susa, unlike Susano, is not a god. But like Susano, Susa sets out to save the maiden Kushinada from a dragon, uses sake to weaken the dragon, beheads it with a powerful sword, and afterwards marries Kushinada. Takeru is a reference to Prince Ousu, a future wielder of the Kusanagi no tsurugi, latter titled Yamato Takeru ("The Brave of Yamato").

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