Sveta (ステラ Stella) is a playable character of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Sveta is a Jupiter Adept and is the first playable demi-human in the Golden Sun series. It is unknown whether she has any relation with the only known demi-humans in the GBA games, the werewolves of Garoh, but she is described as a member of a beastman race that mutated after the rising of the Golden Sun. She is part of the Czamaral clan, royal family of Morgal. She is King Volechek's younger sister. Her senses are enhanced, and she is able to detect special smells; more impressively, she also possesses the ability to read minds and can perceive Psynergy in a special way.

In battle, Sveta fights with her hands and feet. Her weapons are a series of claws and knuckles that can only be equipped by her and are the only weapons she can use. She has the unique ability to transform into a beast form that boosts her statistics (specifically Attack, Defense and maximum HP, though maximum PP is lowered) and changes the options available to her in battle. For instance, she becomes able to physically attack more than one target and defend for more than one Adept, but her Psynergy set changes and she becomes unable to unleash Djinn. Furthermore, for each turn that she remains transformed, one of her Djinn is set to Recovery when she reverts.

When her brother fuses with Chalis and Blados and is defeated, he sacrifices his life to save the world from darkness, making Sveta the new Queen of Belinsk.

As a playable characterEdit


Sveta joins the group in Teppe Ruins at Level 22 before leaving for some time, but leaves after learning that you're going to attack a Mountain Roc. However, she later rejoins in Belinsk at a higher level; her level when she rejoins seems to vary depending on how much Exp was gained while she was absent.

When she joins, she will have the following items in her possession: Brass Knuckles, Silver Vest, Gauntlets, Mail Cap, Dried Lizard, and an Herb. She also comes with 5 Jupiter Djinn set: Fleet, Waft, Bolt, Breeze, and Haze.


Sveta is unique in battle. She is capable of using the Beastform ability (selecting this command uses a full turn in battle) allowing her to embrace her inner beast. When she uses the Beast Form transformation, her statistics and battle commands change:

  • Gradually increased Statistics (Attack, Defense, HP)
  • Different Psynergy (which are also accessible through her Scrapper class, which is her alternative to the Seer (Jupiter) classes)
  • Ability to attack more than one enemy at once
  • Ability to defend more than one ally
  • Inability to access the "Djinn" command
  • One Djinni is set to Recovery for each turn she spends in this form.

Interestingly enough, Sveta is the first Jupiter adept to not to have a support-based psynergy pool. She is more like half-mage and half-combat. Instead of support-based psynergy like Impact and Resist, Sveta has more offensive psynergy, along with some healing psynergy. She will have sufficient PP, along with naturally high attack and agility stats.

Sveta is the only character who can equip the required Umbra Gear, and has the honor of being the only team member in all three games who can be seen visibly walking around with the leader on screen outside of cutscenes during the events of the Apollo Sanctum.

Sveta in her Beastform has a vastly greater attack than any other playable character, and is thus extremely useful as an attacking character in battle. However, it appears that she suffers from severely decreased ability to resist enemy attacks that affect player status (Instant death effects, Poisons, and the like), so keeping her alive in Beastform can be a significant challenge against enemies with status effect powers.


  • Sveta is the first playable Adept who does not equip and use conventional weapons, and the first physically-oriented female character in the series. She is also the first physically-oriented Jupiter Adept.
  • Sveta is similar to Laguz units in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, in that she is typically in a human-like form with some features of the animal she represents, but fights with natural physical strength by transforming into a full-bodied form of that animal.
  • "Stella" is the Latin and Italian word for "star," while "Sveta" is short for "Svetlana," a Slavic name derived from the Russian word "svet," meaning "light." It is also similar to the Polish "świetlana" (same pronunciation as "svetlana"), which means "girl filled with light."
  • She is the only playable character in Dark Dawn who is not related to a character in any of the previous games.

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