SwordofDuskDD Sword of Dusk
Trade values
Item class Long Sword
Buy value 11500
Sell value 8625
Statistics boosts
Attack Boost 100
First unleash effect
Effect name Critical Strike
Extra damage x1.5
Second unleash effect
Effect name Spin Strike
Extra damage Star jupiter 0
Side effect Hits every adjacent foe
Third unleash effect
Effect name Sunset Burst
Extra damage Star mars 1.8
Side effect May delude the foe

The Sword of Dusk is a Long Sword class weapon found in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic DescriptionEdit

The Sword of Dusk increases the wielder's attack by 100. The sword can be sold for 8625 coins and re-bought for 11500 coins.

This sword is located in a chest within Teppe Ruins, and can only be equipped by Matthew and Tyrell. Its unleash effects are Critical Strike, Spin Strike, and Sunset Burst. Critical Strike multiplies damage done by 1.5. Spin Strike is a Jupiter-based unleash that does not increase damage dealt, but hits every adjacent foe. The sword's signature unleash, Sunset Burst, is a Mars-based unleash that multiplies damage dealt by 1.8, and may delude the target as well.


When the Sword of Dusk is obtained in Teppe Ruins, it is an instant upgrade for either Matthew or Tyrell than what either one was previously using. With power in Critical Strike and Sunset Burst, and range in Spin Strike, this Sword is good on Matthew, since Tyrell will soon obtain the Giant Axe. It will probably remain being used until Matthew and the gang obtain the Sailing Ship.


  • Like the Verdant Sword, the Sword of Dusk is the only new weapon of its type in Dark Dawn.

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