The Tartarus Axe is an axe found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.


It is occasionally dropped by a Minotaurus in Tundaria Tower and the Ankohl Ruins. The Tartarus Axe can be bought for 10800 coins and sold for 8100 coins. Being an Axe, it can be equipped by Isaac, Felix, Garet, and Piers. It increases the wielder's attack by 127.

The Tartarus Axe's Unleash attack is Vein Tap. Vein Tap converts all damage to Venus damage and attacks with an additional 43 attack points. Additionally, the attacker's HP is increased by the amount of damage done to the target. Visually, Vein Tap resembles a normal strike followed by medium-sized red spheres traveling from the target to the attacker.

The Tartarus Axe is a valuable weapon due in large part to its ability to restore HP while attacking, although this ability is not uncommon. It is best given to Felix, whose naturally high Venus power can maximize both the damage done and the HP restored. It is not the strongest weapon available at the time, although it is among the most valuable. Ultimately it serves as a placeholder for stronger HP-restoring weapons, such as the Rising Mace.


In Greek mythology, Tartarus (the name for which the Tartarus axe takes after) is the lowest pit of the Underworld where Kronos and the other Titans were cast into after Zeus overthrew them.

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