The Thorn Crown is a Crown-class head armor found in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. It is found in a chest in the town Naribwe, in the lower-right area of town that can only be accessed with the Lash Psynergy. As a Crown, it can be equipped by all Adepts. Its buy value is 3300 coins and its sell value is 2475.

The Thorn Crown increases the wearer's base defense by 28, and it increases base Attack by 8. Boasting a Defense rating high enough that it is stronger than the headwear artifacts that could have been gotten before Naribwe (Clarity Circlet, Nurse's Cap) and an attack rating boost that is useful at this earlier portion of the game, this will be a fantastic upgrade on Felix, since the strongest headwear he could be wearing is a Bronze Helm. It will increase both his ability to take hits and his ability to deal hits, and will likely stay equipped on the party for a while. It will likely be handed down to another Adept to serve its function for a while longer even if other, stronger pieces of headgear are found.

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