A Travel Vest is a Clothing-class armor available in both Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. In both games it is bought in the earliest towns the player's newly formed party can enter and explore; namely, the towns Vale, Vault, and Bilibin in Golden Sun and at Daila and Madra in The Lost Age. Being a Clothing-class piece of body protection, a Travel Vest can be equipped on all Adepts in both games. It is also initially equipped on party members in both games, including Ivan in Golden Sun and Sheba in The Lost Age. It increases the equipped Adept's base Defense rating by 7 points. Its buy value is 50 coins and its sell value is 37 coins.

In Golden Sun after the prologue sequences, the player begins in present-day Vale with a level-1 party of Isaac and Garet each equipped with a Cotton Shirt, and Cotton Shirts are the weakest body armor in the game. Since the stronger Travel Vests are available from the very start of the game in the first town of Vale's armor vendor, you should buy them for at least Isaac and Garet along with other defensive equipment for those two in particular (as opposed to Jenna additionally as she will only be around in your party during this early portion of the game).

In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, the Travel Vest effectively plays the same role of being an easy early-game buy, with Felix being the only one equipped with a Cotton Shirt this time that deserves to be replaced right away. It is up to the player to decide whether to also get a Travel Vest to replace Jenna's One-Piece Dress or to wait until getting the startlingly defensive Full Metal Vest at Dehkan Plateau.

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