Treasure noteTreasure Note is a unique item in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, bearing the description A note left by Ku-Tsung and Ku-Embra. The note can be obtained in the last part of the game when the Grave Eclipse has been activated. If the player goes back to Ayuthay, they will find that the generals Ku Tsung and Ku Embra have escaped the prison, and should the player make their way outside the ancient tree, they'll find the corpses of the generals. Use Spirit Sense on either corpse and the general's spirits will have a conversation with each other about the treasure map they hid in Kaocho. Go to Kaocho Palace, use Grip on the left pole and walk three steps to the left and click on the cracked stone in the wall and you will get the item. The purpose of the item is to show the player to the pirate ship which bears the boss Star Magician and holds the Azul Summon tablet.

The note may be read at any time so long as it remains in the inventory and bears the text:

"This shows a pirate treasure's location. Coming from the south, go west when you reach a reef shaped like a hand."

Treasure Note can be sold for 3 coins and bought for 4.

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