Blados and Chalis, two commanders of Tuaparang.

Tuaparang (ツァパラン Tsaparang) is a nation that appears and figures in the events of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is described as a mysterious country that excels in both science and military power and is conducting secretive maneuvers. Two commanders from the nation, Blados and Chalis, serve as antagonists of the game, along with Arcanus and a reluctant Volechek. For some reason, its commanders are contacting Matthew and his group. They encounter them at several points in the game and seem to be making use of the protagonists.

The nation's Japanese name Tsaparang is derived from the real-world capital of the ancient Guge kingdom in Tibet that has been theorized to be the inspiration for the legends of Shangri-La, a mythical paradise.

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