The Unicorn Ring is a Ring found in both Golden Sun games. In Golden Sun, it can be found in a jar in Fuchin Temple and is sometimes dropped by Recluses in Venus Lighthouse. In Golden Sun: The Lost Age, it can be found in a treasure chest in Naribwe and is sometimes dropped by Sea Dragons in Aqua Rock.

The Unicorn Ring can be Used to emulate the Cure Poison Psynergy to cure one Adept of Poison or Venom, and has a chance of breaking each time it's used. It can be bought for 1100 coins and sold for 825 coins. If broken, it can be repaired for 275 coins. As a Ring, it can be equipped by all Adepts. However, like most Rings, it does not have to be equipped in order to use its effect.

The Unicorn Ring can serve as an effective replacement for the Antidote item, provided it doesn't break too often. Even players who don't rely heavily on items may find it useful as a last-ditch effort should those players be unable to cast Cure Poison. It is best given to an Adept without the Cure Poison Psynergy, that way two (or more) Adepts would be able to cure Poison and Venom without the need of an Antidote.

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