Uzume (ウズメ Uzume) is the mayor-figure of the town Izumo, the older sister of Susa, and an NPC in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. She is an Adept who can use the Move Psynergy. Much like the inhabitants of Garoh, the source of Uzume's powers are believed to be the nearby Elemental Rock, Gaia Rock.

When the Serpent of Mt. Mikage (Izumo's name for Gaia Rock) awakes, Lady Uzume decides to choose someone by lot to be sacrificed to the serpent. However, she had also prophesied that a great hero would defeat the serpent, so presumably she knew that the chosen person would be in no real danger.


After completing Gaia Rock, present the Dancing Idol to Uzume for her to relinquish the Mars Djinni, Coal.

After defeating the Serpent in Gaia Rock and viewing the cutscene where Uzume, Susa, and his fiance Kushinada, thank Felix's party for their heroic deeds, it is possible to talk to Uzume again, whereupon the player is prompted to give her the Dancing Idol. As the Dancing Idol is vital to the exploration of Gaia Rock, Uzume considers it very valuable and thus will offer Felix the Mars Djinni, Coal as a token of her thanks. She one of only a few Adepts outside of the protagonist's respective parties to be in the possession of a Djinni, a fact that implies she would be aware of their class-changing and stat-enhancing abilities, something she mentions briefly before handing the Djinni over.

An interesting (and slightly amusing) conversation begins if players try to use Mind Read on Uzume. Unlike most other Adepts, who (usually) don't react to the player's attempts to use mind-read on them, she actually starts talking to Felix when she detects the Psynergy probing her mind.

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn Edit

In Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, it's revealed that a massive wave destroyed Izumo. However, Uzume predicted it, and had everyone move out of harm's way. They move to a spot towards the end of Nihon (Japan), and create Yamata City. Uzume died shortly after, and some people believe that it was a curse from the Serpent for leaving Izumo.

If you go into her shrine below the Yamata Palace, you can use Sveta's Spirit Sense to talk to her. She'll ask if you have a good reason for disturbing her, and if you say 'Yes', she recognizes you as the children of the Warriors of Vale, and wishes you luck on your journey. Say 'No', and she'll return to her sleep.

Her spirit seems to possess the Dancing Idol she was given by Felix in The Lost Age, as it sits on top of her altar. In one scene where she is talking to her niece, the idol dances around the altar quite comically.


  • In Izumo:
Uzume: (after Kraden and the other tell about their quest to find more Psynergy) "And you only defeated the Great Serpent of Mikage to accomplish this goal?" (if Felix says yes) "Regardless of your motives, you have saved us all".
Uzume: (when you try to read Uzume's mind) "And what were you planning to do, once you'd read my mind, hm? (Uzume becomes angry) "Felix, you read my mind earlier, too, didn't you? You can't read my mind, but if there is something you want to know, I shall tell you".

Cultural ReferencesEdit

In Shinto, Uzume or Ame-no-Uzume-no-Mikoto, is the goddess of the dawn, of dance and revelry. Her Dancing Idol is also a reference to her role in the missing sun myth.

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