This article is about the element. For the Summon sequence, see Venus (summon).

Venus is the element of Earth, and therefore rock and nature attacks (haunting and death related attacks are also seen aligned with this element). It is symbiotic with Mars, neutral toward Mercury, and is in conflict with Jupiter. The characteristics of a Venus Adept are courage and love.

Adepts of the Venus element

  • Susa (mentioned in The Lost Age as capable of using Psynergy but not shown)

Venus Adepts can be found in either Vale or Izumo. The civilization of Ankohl, of which Obaba is said to descend from, appears to have been based around the Venus element.

Venus SummonsEdit

SummonIconVenus Venus
SummonIconRamses Ramses
SummonIconCybele Cybele
SummonIconJudgment Judgment

SummonIconZagan Zagan
SummonIconHaures Haures
SummonIconCharon Charon

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