VerdantSword Verdant Sword
Trade values
Item class Light Blades
Buy value 18,000
Sell value 13,500
Statistics boosts
Attack Boost Star jupiter 165
First unleash effect
Effect name Gale Force
Extra damage Star jupiter x1.3
Second unleash effect
Effect name Vorpal Slash
Extra damage Star jupiter 16
Side effect Hits every adjacent foe
Third unleash effect
Effect name Mad Zephyr
Extra damage Star jupiter 40
Side effect May inflict double the amount of damage
Fourth unleash effect
Effect name Emerald Blitz
Extra damage Star jupiter x2
Side effect May seal the foe's psynergy

VerdantSwordThe Verdant Sword is one of the few completely new weapons found in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. It is a Light Blade-class artifact, so everyone except Rief and Sveta can equip it. It is obtained by forging Quality Zol at Champa.

Basic DescriptionEdit

It increases the wielder's attack by 165. It is pure-element weapon, aligned with Jupiter. Its unleashes include: Gale Force, Vorpal Slash, Mad Zephyr, and Emerald Blitz. It is the second strongest Light Blade in the game (after Tisiphone Edge). All the unleashes have to be mastered in order to unleash.

It is a good weapon for Karis as a 'placeholder' for the Tisiphone Edge.


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