Recovery ItemsEdit

There are items sold in stores that can be used to heal hit points to Adepts that are still alive but are at risk of running out of health.

Herb Herb: Restores 50HP. Can be bought for 10 coins and sold for 7 coins.
Corn Corn: Restores 100HP. This is found rarely. Can be sold for 9 coins.
Nut Nut: Restores 200HP. Can be bought for 200 coins and sold for 150 coins.
Vial Vial: Restores 500HP. Can be bought for 500 coins and sold for 375 coins.
Potion Potion: Restores all HP to one party member. Can be bought for 1000 coins and sold for 750 coins.
Mist Potion Mist Potion: Restores 300HP to all current battling Adepts. Found in The Lost Age and Dark Dawn. Can be bought for 9000 coins and sold for 6750 coins.

Damage/Status ItemsEdit

This is a list of items that can be used to either damage foes or afflict them with a negative status condition. None of the following items can be purchased.

Bramble Seed Bramble Seed: Emulates the Nettle Psynergy for Venus Damage to multiple enemies. Can be sold for 37 coins. They are dropped by Moles, Mad Moles, Ghost Mages, Rat Warriors, and Roaches in Golden Sun, and also by Numb Ants, Talon Runners, Wild Gorillas, and Wood Walkers in The Lost Age.
Crystal Powder Crystal Powder: Emulates the Hail Prism Psynergy for Mercury damage to multiple enemies. Can be sold for 45 coins. They are dropped by Spirits, Gnome Mages, Gnome Wizards, Sirens, Succubi, and Brigands in Golden Sun, and also by Mermen and Gillmen in The Lost Age.
Oil Drop Oil Drop: Emulates the Flare Storm Psynergy for Mars damage to multiple enemies. Can be sold for 22 coins. They are dropped by Gnomes, Amazes, Ghosts, and Salamanders in Golden Sun, and also by Kobolds, Wargolds, Fireworms, and Doomsayers in The Lost Age.
Smoke Bomb Smoke Bomb: May delude the target. Can be sold for 22 coins.
Sleep Bomb Sleep Bomb: May put target to Sleep. Can be sold for 45 coins.
Weasels Claw Weasel's Claw: Emulates the Sonic Slash Psynergy for Jupiter damage to multiple enemies. Can be sold for 30 coins. They are dropped by Vile Dirges, Creepers, and (at a higher rate) Tornado Lizards in Golden Sun, a by Dire Wolves, Momongas, Wolfkins, and Wyvern Chicks in The Lost Age and also by Death Scuttlers in "Dark Dawn".

Stat-boosting ItemsEdit

Main article: List of consumable stat-boosting items

This is a list of items that can be used to permanently increase an Adept's statistics. All of the following items cost 500 coins and can be sold for 375 coins.

Apple Apple: Increases an Adept's attack rating.
Cookie Cookie: Increases an Adept's maximum PP.
Hard Nut Hard Nut: Increases an Adept's defense rating.
Lucky Pepper Lucky Pepper: Increases an Adept's luck rating.
Mint Mint: Increases an Adept's agility rating.
Power Bread Power Bread: Increases an Adept's maximum HP.

Other itemsEdit

This is a list of other consumable items that do not fit in the above categories.

Antidote Antidote: Emulates the Cure Poison Psynergy, curing Poison and Venom. Can be bought for 20 coins and sold for 15 coins.
Elixir Elixir: Emulates the Psynergy Restore, curing Sleep, Stun, and Delusion, and all other conditions that disappear after a battle. Can be bought for 30 coins and sold for 22 coins.
Psy Crystal Psy Crystal: Fully restores a party member's PP. Can be bought for 1500 coins and sold for 1125 coins.
Sacred Feather Sacred Feather: Emulates the Avoid utility Psynergy, decreasing monster encounter rate temporarily based on level. Can be bought for 70 coins and sold for 52 coins.
Water of Life Water of Life: Revives a downed ally to 100% health. Can be bought for 3000 coins and sold for 2250 coins. Most notably dropped by Chimera Worms in Islet Cave, where it drops at a rate of 1/8 if the monster is felled with the attack effect of an offensive Mars Djinni. In Dark Dawn Tua Warriors in Apollo Sanctum have a 100% drop rate.

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Hand Armor
Head Armor
Key Items

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