The Virtuous Armlet is a Bracelet found in Golden Sun. It can be found in a chest guarded by a Tornado Lizard to the right of the entrance to the Suhalla Desert. Being a Bracelet, it can be equipped to Jenna, Ivan, Sheba, and Mia.

The Virtuous Armlet increases the wearer's defense by 35 and his/her Mars and Jupiter power by 10. Also, it can be Used in battle to emulate the Ply Psynergy to restore approximately 100 HP to one Adept. It can be bought for 7000 coins and sold for 5250 coins.

The Virtuous Armlet is best given to Ivan to boost his Wind power, and is essentially the ideal hand-armor Ivan can wear in Golden Sun. Also, Ivan doesn't learn any healing Psynergy in his default class series, so the Armlet's recovery effect can come in handy should Ivan run out of healing items. If he joins the party of Golden Sun: The Lost Age equipped with it due to data transfer, though, it can very quickly be replaced by the likes of Leda's Bracelet and Aerial Gloves from before, not to mention later gloves and bracelets like the Big Bang Gloves.

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