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Volechek by weyard-d35qqta

Volechek, Sveta's brother and king of Morgal

Shadow Babi
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Volechek (ボルテチノ Bortechino) is the brother of Sveta. He is a beastmen who is shown to be working alongside Chalis and Blados in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, although it is questionable whether he does so willingly. He is the King of Belinsk and like many other beastmens, he is a Jupiter Adept. After Luna Tower 's activation, Volechek steals the Blue Orb from Blados and gives it to Sveta, in regret for having helped the activation of the tower. Volechek returns in the final events of Dark Dawn in his Chaos Hound beast form, which Sveta soon realizes, much to her surprise and dismay. Influenced by the Dark Psynergy of the Dark Adepts Blados and Chalis, he fights the party. After he is initially defeated, he fuses with Blados and Chalis to become the final boss of the game, the Chaos Chimera. However, the three of them are eventually defeated and they split back into their respective bodies, though Volechek remains in his beast form.

As Sveta is the only one capable of wearing the Umbra Gear, she must be the one to throw the switch to activate the Apollo Lens, with the light eventually killing her. Before she can do just that, Volechek suddenly stops them and activates the machine himself, sacrificing himself to save the world. After his death, Sveta eventually becomes the Queen of Belinsk.


Volechek's Japanese name refers to Borte Chino, an ancestor of Genghis Khan whose mythological descent from both Tibetan and Indian royalty is detailed in the Altan Tobchi. Borte Chino's name meant "gray-white wolf". Volechek's character design also includes clothing heavily influenced by traditional Tibetan garb. His English name may reference the meaning of his Japanese one, as "volchek" (although usually rendered "volchyok") can mean "spinning top" or "small wolf" in Russian, and Belinsk may be at least partially based on Russia.

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