Laurel, a Waelda tribeswoman

The Waelda are a plant-based sentient species in the Golden Sun series of video games. Only two Waelda appear in the games: Tret and his female counterpart, Laurel who reside next to each other in Kolima Forest. The Waelda live extraordinarily long lives that allow them to amass vast amounts of knowledge. This leads some to think of them as divine beings, as is displayed when, in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Amiti bows before Laurel and angrily instructs his party members to do the same because they "are in the presence of an enlightened being."

Tret, a Waelda tribesman

  The term "Waelda" references to "Wälder" (spoken similar to "Waelda"), which is plural of "Wald" (Forest/Wood(s)). "Wälder" means "Forests" or "Woods" in German.

Encyclopedia EntryEdit

"These plant-based beings live for many human generations and gather immense knowledge over their long lives.

Certain Waelda tribesmen, such as Tret and Laurel, have gained enough wisdom to be deified and known as enlightened trees."

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