Whiplash Whiplash is one of the many stand-alone Psynergies available to the Tamer Class series, and is one of only five techniques possessed by the entire series. Whiplash is just one of many single-target attacks possessed by the Tamer series.

Whiplash is aligned with the Jupiter element, costs 6 PP to use, and is learned at Level 10. It keeps a trend with many other Psynergies like it by multiplying its caster's Attack stat for its base damage; in this case, a 1.4 multiplier is used. Whiplash is a usefull ability, considering it's PP usage, providing you are able to raise the attack stat enough to compound it with the boosts, provided by this attack.

As with many of the Tamer series' abilities, it is considered to be unremarkable and easily substituted by other techniques, but only because some skill and a little preparation is needed from the player's side to use that psynergy to a very good extent and at a low cost, maximizing it's potential.

This attack also has a slight resemblance to the Kraken's tentacles in the first Golden Sun, since the animation is almost the same as the one during it's battle and can also be seen as a basic version of the very powerful moves called: "Formina Sage = Fulminous Edge" or Call Dullahan, with a multiplier of 3, instead of a 1,4 ( = a 1,6 multiplier difference).

A "hidden ability" you <the player> make:

Compounding the attack stats from equipments, like explained in Italic above grants you, the player when using some tactic abilities from your side a way to make high-end mediocre move simply THE BEST one-targetting ability in the game !!!

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