Whirlwind, Tornado, and Tempest are a series of Jupiter attack Psynergy featured in all games. It is available to the Wind Seer Class series and the Beasting Class Series. Hence, Ivan, Sheba, Karis, and Sveta can use this series of Psynergy.

This Psynergy series is nearly identical to the Gale Psynergy series.


Psynergy spellsEdit

Whirlwind Whirlwind: “Attack with a swirling tornado.”: This costs 5 Psynergy Points, has a base power of 20, and has a range of three targets. A large whirlwind with minor electric charges spins through the enemy party. Whirlwind is also a Psynergy that can be used in the field. It can be used to blow away suspicious, small bushes of leaves and influence ivy and activate whirlwind monuments in Air's Rock and Shaman Village. It is available at level 1. In terms of the storyline, the werewolves of Garoh possess this power.

Tornado Tornado: “Attack with a mighty tornado.”: This costs 14 Psynergy Points, has a base power of 80, and has a range of five targets. Two large whirlwinds with minor electric charges spin through the enemy party. It is available at level 18.

Tempest(icon) Tempest: “Attack with a fearsome windstorm.”: This costs 27 Psynergy Points, has a base power of 160, and has a range of five targets. Four large whirlwinds with minor electric charges spin through the enemy party. It is available at level 44.


As an early game Psynergy, Whirlwind is rather effective, being both cheap and powerful. However, it may be seen as immediately obseleted by the more powerful and cost-efficient Ray. In addition, Plasma deals more damage than Ray for only a small increase in cost and hence may see more use once level 8 is reached. As the game progresses, Tornado and Tempest remain rather cost-effective, being a middle ground between the cheap, but relatively weak Ray Psynergy series and the powerful, but much more expensive Plasma Psynergy series.

Whirlwind as a Utility PsynergyEdit


Ivan shows Isaac and Garet how Whirlwind can be used to remove overgrowths and bushes.

Whirlwind can be used in the field as a Utility Psynergy that removes plantlike obstacles such as small bushes that impede the player's path; this is integral to many puzzles in both games, enough that the Jupiter Adepts, Ivan and Sheba, should be kept in their default Wind Seer class series so that the Psynergy is available.

Like all the battle forms of this Psynergy series, Whirlwind has a near-identical utility counterpart in Gale of the Gale Psynergy series.

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The Lost Age

Phys. Attack
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