A Witch's Wand is a Staff-class weapon that is recurring in the Golden Sun series. It is sold as an Artifact in the weapon vendor at Bilibin in the first game and at Garoh in the second, and is also Mia's initial equipment in the first game, meaning that three exist throughout the games. Being a Staff, it can be equipped by Ivan, Mia, Jenna, and Sheba. Its buy value is 860 coins and its sell value is 645.

The Witch's Wand increases the wielder's attack by 32. Its Unleash effect is Stun Voltage, which is effectively a standard physical attack that adds 12 damage points and then modifies the resulting damage based on the user's Jupiter power and the target's Jupiter resistance. It may also inflict Stun on the target. Stun Voltage visually resembles the user attacking the target and a bolt of purple electricity zapping the target from the sky in tandem.

As the next step up from the Magic Rod, the Witch's Wand is ideal for Mia when she enters the party equipped with it in Golden Sun, though once the Mercury Lighthouse is complete, the rod that is the next step up from this, the Blessed Ankh, becomes available to purchase. Beforehand, a second Witch's Rod may be bought for Ivan in Bilibin, but whether it is a solid purchase depends on how you are playing (whether you actually use Ivan for physically attacking in addition to casting Psynergy, whether you go out of your way to grab the Elven Rapier from Bilibin Cave, etc.).

In The Lost Age, it will most likely be completely obsoleted from the moment it can become first available because it can only be bought from Garoh after completing Air's Rock and earning the Reveal Psynergy. Beforehand, you could purchase a Blessed Ankh from Mikasalla, as well as find the Blow Mace from Yampi Desert, and once you have Reveal to make Garoh update, you can grab the Hypnos' Sword from a chest.

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