A Wooden Stick (Wood Stick in the Japanese version) is the first Staff-class weapon that is recurring in the Golden Sun series. In both games it is bought in the earliest towns the player's newly formed party can enter and explore; namely, the town Vale in Golden Sun and the town Daila in The Lost Age.

Basic DescriptionEdit

Being a Staff-class weapon, a Wooden Stick can be equipped on Ivan and Mia in the first game, together with Jenna and Sheba in the second. It increases the wielder's base Attack rating by 4 points. Its buy value is 40 coins and its sell value is 30 coins.

In Dark Dawn, since all weapons (except for rusty ones) have unleashes, the Wooden Stick obtains the unleash Critical Strike, a non-elemental unleash which multiplies damage done by 1.5.

WoodenStickIconDD Wooden Stick (DD)
Trade values
Item class Staff
Buy value 40
Sell value 30
Statistics boosts
Attack Boost 4
First unleash effect
Effect name Critical Strike
Extra damage x1.5


In Golden Sun, it is the weakest weapon available in the first town's shop, and is indeed the weakest weapon in the game. It should not necessarily be blamed for this, though, because it is the initial equipment of Jenna and Ivan in this game when they each first appear in your party, and their Wooden Sticks can be sold for 30 coins each to pay for better attacking and defensive equipment.

The Wooden Stick pretty much retains its lowest-of-the-low role in Golden Sun: The Lost Age, being available in Daila's shop even though both Jenna and Sheba start out with this weapon equipped on them initially. By the time the second game's prologue has passed by and the three-person team of Felix, Jenna, and Sheba has been formed, Felix will have in his inventory the storyline-important item Shaman's Rod, which is a Staff-class weapon that adds 10 base Attack points, and the Shaman's Rod should immediately equipped on one of the two girls to increase her attacking power from the outset. This would spare a Wooden Stick to be sold for an extra 30 coins, which can be used to pay for extra defensive equipment at Daila's armor vendor.

In Dark Dawn, it comes with Karis and Rief when they join. When the party reaches Patcher's Place, it is ideal to replace Karis' Wooden Stick with a Short Bow, a stronger weapon that has a Jupiter-based unleash. Should you have the Magic Rod when Rief joins, give it to him until stronger weapons are obtained at Harapa.

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