The Xylion Armor is an Armor-class piece of armor, which can be forged in Golden Sun: The Lost Age. If you bring an Orihalcon to Sunshine in Yallam, there is a 20% chance he will forge it into the Xylion Armor. Visually, it resembles yellow body armor, appearing similar to the Erebus Armor.

The Xylion Armor features a defense rating of 50, and increases the wearer's attack by 12. It is bought for 22500 coins while its resale value is 16875 coins. As a piece of Armor, it can be worn by Isaac, Garet, Felix and Piers.

The Xylion Armor has the second-highest defense rating of any Armor, outdone only by the Valkyrie Mail. However, one can only obtain one Valkyrie Mail, whereas it is possible to have multiple copies of the Xylion Armor. Its high defense, combined with its bonus to attack, make it a very practical choice for an endgame party. It is perhaps only outdone by Mythril Clothes for warrior-type Adepts, because some players may prefer the Mythril Clothes' increased criticals to the Xylion Armor's increased attack.

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