Zephyr's Bow Zephyr's Bow
Trade values
Item class Bow
Buy value 11,500
Sell value 8,625
Statistics boosts
Attack Boost 140
First unleash effect
Effect name Double Shot
Extra damage Star jupiter x1.6
Second unleash effect
Effect name Arrow Shower
Extra damage Star mercury x1.2
Side effect Hits each adjacent foe,
May reduce each target's Defense by 25%
Third unleash effect
Effect name Cyclone Shot
Extra damage Star jupiter x1.6

Zephyr's Bow is a bow-class artifact in Golden Sun: Dark Dawn.

Basic DescriptionEdit

Zephyr's Bow increases attack power by 140. It can be sold for 13,500 coins and can be re-bought for 18,000 coins. It is found in the venus section of the Apollo Sanctum Gate by examining the right-most statue. It has three unleashes: Double Shot, Arrow Shower, and Cyclone Shot. Cyclone Shot and Double Shot are both Jupiter-based unleashes that multiply damage by 1.6, while Arrow Shower is a Mercury-based unleash that multiplies damage by 1.2. Arrow Shower also has a range of three targets, and may even reduce each targets' Defense ratings by 25%.


By the time this bow is obtained, stronger weapons like the Masamune and the Silver Longbow will already be available to Karis and Amiti, so it will probably not have much use. However, if the player decides to use it, it is recommended to put the character using it into the Hermit Class Series to increase the power of both the Jupiter and Mercury-based unleashes. Even then, it still came a little too late to match up with the players' potential arsenal at that time, unless if you are lacking in stronger weaponry.


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